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The Truth about SPF in Makeup Products

The sun is out, and it’s summertime again—time to enjoy the outdoors with friends, family, and loved ones. But before you head out into the sun, make sure you apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that can lead to premature aging, wrinkles, age spots, or even skin cancer. Nowadays, so many products on the market contain SPF in them, such as lotion, moisturizer, foundation, and lipstick. However, if you’re looking for more affordable options, try using coconut oil which has natural SPF benefits for an everyday use product too.

For many women, sun protection is an essential part of their daily routine. But, unfortunately, the harsh rays from the sun can cause skin damage and even lead to cancer. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite makeup products to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. Here are some SPF-infused cosmetic products that will help keep your face looking fresh and beautiful while keeping you safe from the sun’s damaging effects.


Why you should use SPF in your makeup routine

As a woman on the go, with an active lifestyle and busy schedule, you may think that SPF is not something you need to worry about. However, many women are still unaware of the risks of UV rays and how damaging they can be to your skin. Sunlight contains both UVA and UVB radiation which can cause premature aging or cancer. In addition, there are multiple ways that these harmful rays can get into your system- through windows during the daytime or even from indoor tanning beds.

Did you know that the sun’s rays can penetrate the skin and damage your organs if an SPF of 30 or higher does not block them? And did you know that most makeup products have an SPF of around 15-20 at best without any additional protection like wearing a hat, sunglasses, and clothing with UV protective properties? This means that even though we may be wearing our favorite lipstick or foundation, both could leave our skin unprotected from the sun! So ladies – don’t forget to put on some sunscreen before applying any other makeup product.

As summer approaches, it is important to prepare for the sun. When shopping for makeup products, keep in mind that many of them contain SPF that will protect your skin from UV rays and heat damage.

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